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Configuring DoorDash Integration in the Turns Business Manager
Configuring DoorDash Integration in the Turns Business Manager

Configuring DoorDash integration is essential for expanding delivery options and enhancing customer service capabilities.

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Setting Up DoorDash Integration in Turns Business Manager

Integrating DoorDash with your Turns Business Manager can streamline your delivery operations and expand your customer reach. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up DoorDash integration:

  1. Login to Turns Business Manager: Begin by accessing your account using your credentials.

  2. Access the Apps Section: From the main dashboard, locate and click on the "Apps" section.

  3. Find DoorDash Settings: Inside the Apps section, look for “DoorDash Settings” among the various options.

  4. Enable DoorDash Integration: Activate DoorDash integration by switching the toggle to “Enable”.

  5. Set Order Timings: Determine the Start Time and End Time for accepting DoorDash orders. This sets the window during which customers can place orders for delivery.

  6. Configure Interval Per Slot: Decide on the time interval between each delivery slot. This helps in managing delivery schedules more efficiently.

  7. Schedule Pick Up and Drop Off Gap: Set the number of days difference required between picking up an order and dropping it off. This ensures adequate time for order preparation and delivery scheduling.

  8. Save Configuration: Once you’ve made these adjustments, click on “Update” to apply your new DoorDash settings.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate DoorDash into your business operations, leveraging its delivery network to enhance customer service and efficiency. This integration is key for businesses looking to offer reliable and timely delivery services to their customers.

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