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July 03, 2024

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Introduction of Plant Mode:

Plant Mode simplifies the process of managing clothes by tracking their status at every step. This feature aims to enhance efficiency and ensure that all garments are accounted for throughout their journey.

Key Highlights

1. Comprehensive Clothes Management: Plant Mode allows laundromat and dry cleaning businesses to manage clothes seamlessly through every stage of the process. This ensures that no garment is misplaced and that every status is clearly tracked.

2. Vendor Login: We have also introduced a dedicated vendor login. This enables vendors to access their own dashboard, where they can see how many clothes they need to work on and update their status as they progress. This streamlined process enhances communication and efficiency.

3. Owner Insights: Laundromat owners can now gain insights into their operations through detailed vendor reports. This feature provides comprehensive data on the clothes handled by each vendor, making it easier to monitor performance and ensure quality control.

How to Use Plant Mode

To start using Plant Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Plant Mode: Contact our support team to activate Plant Mode functionality for your account.

  2. Create a New Vendor:

    • Navigate to Location Settings.

    • Add vendor details such as name, address, email, and password.

    • Assign garments with corresponding prices and add any necessary notes.

    • Set the vendor challan prefix.

  3. Assign Vendor to Store: Assign the newly created vendor to the relevant store(s).

  4. Create an Order:

    • Select products assigned to the vendor while creating an order.

    • Print garment barcodes for the order to facilitate scanning.

  5. Send Garments to Vendor:

    • Go to Plant > Send to Plant.

    • Select the store and vendor.

    • Drag the garments you want to send to the vendor and click Proceed.

    • Check the confirmation popup and add remarks if needed.

  6. Vendor Operations:

    • Vendors log in using the same URL as the business manager but change their role to vendor.

    • Use the email and password set during vendor creation to log in.

    • Vendors can view data on the home section, receive garments, start working on them, and update their status from Receive from Store to Actually Received.

    • Vendors can also reject garments by adding rejection reasons.

    • Once work is complete, vendors move garments from Plant status to Store status and confirm.

  7. Store Operations:

    • Owners can receive garments back from vendors by going to Plant > Receive from Plant.

    • Move the order from Receive from Plant to Actually Received status and click Done

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