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Navigating the Hamburger Menu in POS System
Navigating the Hamburger Menu in POS System

Navigating the hamburger menu in a POS system allows quick access to essential features and enhances user efficiency.

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The hamburger menu is a common feature in many apps, including the Turns POS System. This menu, represented by three horizontal lines on top left that resemble a hamburger, is a convenient way to navigate the app, offering access to various features and settings. This article will guide you on how to navigate through it.

Using the Hamburger Menu:

Open the Turns POS System: First, open the app on your device. Ensure that you are logged in with your correct credentials.

Locate the Hamburger Menu: Look at the top left corner of your screen, where you'll find the hamburger menu icon, represented by three horizontal lines.

hamburger menu

Open the Hamburger Menu: Tap on the hamburger icon to open a dropdown list of menu options. This list may include options like "Home," "Orders," "Customers," "Devices," "Retail Sale", and "Payment list."

Open the hamburger menu

Navigate through Options:

Home: This option redirects you to the homepage of the Turns POS System.

Orders: This section enables you to create new orders, manage existing orders, and view order history.

Customers: Here, you can manage customer information, track their order history, and understand their preferences and patterns.

Devices: This section allows you to manage and monitor the devices connected to the Turns POS System.

Retail Sale: Use this option to manage and track retail sales, stock levels, and product listings.

Payment List: This section provides an overview of all payments, allowing you to monitor transactions, update payment statuses, and manage payment methods.

Select your Desired Option: Tap on the option that corresponds with the task you want to complete. This will take you to a new screen where you can perform the desired action.


Navigating the hamburger menu in the Turns POS System is straightforward and intuitive. It offers a simple way to access various functions and settings in the app. By learning how to effectively use this feature, you can streamline your workflow and manage your business more efficiently.

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