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How to apply discounts, charges, or promos to an order in the POS?
How to apply discounts, charges, or promos to an order in the POS?

Applying discounts, charges, or promos enhances customer satisfaction and facilitates accurate pricing adjustments during checkout.

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In a POS system, the ability to apply discounts, charges, or promos to an order is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and managing your business effectively. This guide will walk you through the steps required to apply these adjustments to an order.

Step 1: Navigate to the Order

First, open your POS system and navigate to the order you wish to adjust. This could involve scrolling through a list of orders or using a search function if available.

Step 2: Locate the Discount/Promo/Charges Section

On the left side of the order details, look for a section labeled "Discount/Promo/Charges." This section is typically highlighted in blue underlining to make it more noticeable.
​Step 3: Apply the Discount, Charge, or Promo

Click on the "Discount/Promo/Charges" section. A new window or field should appear, allowing you to input the discount, charge, or promo you wish to apply. Enter the appropriate value or code, and make sure to specify whether you're applying a discount, charge, or promo.
​Step 4: Save Changes

After entering the discount, charge, or promo, save your changes. This will update the order total and apply the specified adjustment.


Applying discounts, charges, or promos in a POS system is an essential function that enables you to adjust orders according to promotional campaigns or customer requests. It's vital always to verify the adjustments made and communicate any significant changes to the customer, ensuring transparency and maintaining customer satisfaction.

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