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Editing Clock-In and Clock-Out Times in Turns Business Manager
Editing Clock-In and Clock-Out Times in Turns Business Manager

Editing clock-in and clock-out times in Turns Business Manager ensures accurate employee attendance tracking and payroll management.

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Managing employee attendance accurately is crucial for operational efficiency. The Turns Business Manager allows you to edit clock-in and clock-out times easily. Here's how to make these adjustments:

  1. Start in Business Manager: Log into your Turns Business Manager account.

  2. Access Reports Section: From the dashboard, navigate to the 'Reports' section.

  3. Go to Attendance: In the Reports area, find and click on 'Attendance'.

  4. Set Date Range: Choose the start and end dates to filter the attendance records for the period you wish to edit.

  5. Find Employee Record: Enter the name of the employee whose time records need editing.

  6. Edit Time Records: Once you locate the specific attendance record, you can edit the clock-in and clock-out times. Make sure you input the correct times.

  7. Update the Record: After making the necessary changes, click on 'Update' to save the edited times.

This process ensures that you can maintain accurate records of employee hours, which is essential for payroll accuracy and monitoring staff punctuality. Remember to communicate any changes to affected employees to maintain transparency.

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