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Updating Inventory Stock in Turns Business Manager
Updating Inventory Stock in Turns Business Manager

Updating inventory stock in Turns Business Manager ensures accurate product availability and efficient order fulfillment.

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Keeping your inventory stock updated is key to managing your retail operations effectively. The Turns Business Manager simplifies this process with its user-friendly interface. Here's how to edit your inventory stock:

  1. Start in Business Manager: Log into your Turns Business Manager account.

  2. Navigate to Products and Services: In the main dashboard, click on the 'Products and Services' section.

  3. Access Retail Inventory: Within the Products and Services section, select 'Retail Inventory'.

  4. Locate the Item: In the Retail Inventory list, scroll to the right to find the 'Actions' column.

  5. Initiate Edit: Under 'Actions', click on the 'Activity' button. This will display the inventory activities.

  6. Select Item to Edit: Find the row with the item you wish to change and click on the edit icon (usually depicted by a pencil or similar symbol).

  7. Make Your Changes: Edit the inventory details as needed. This may include adjusting stock numbers, updating product information, etc.

  8. Save Updates: After making the necessary changes, click on the save icon to update the inventory record.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your inventory records in the Turns Business Manager reflect the current stock levels and details, allowing for more accurate and efficient business operations. Regular updates to your inventory are essential for maintaining optimal stock levels and providing accurate information to your customers.

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