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Connecting a Bluetooth Printer to the tablet
Connecting a Bluetooth Printer to the tablet

Connecting a Bluetooth printer to the tablet enables convenient printing of receipts and orders, enhancing customer service efficiency.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting a Bluetooth Printer to the Tablet

Connecting your Bluetooth receipt printer to a tablet is a straightforward process. Here's how to do it, using the example of an Epson TM M30 printer:

  1. Turn On the Bluetooth Printer:

    • Power up your Bluetooth printer, such as the Epson TM M30.

  2. Access Tablet's Settings:

    • On your tablet, open the settings menu.

  3. Enable Bluetooth:

    • In the settings, find and turn on the Bluetooth option.

  4. Pair with Printer:

    • Look for your printer’s name in the list of available Bluetooth devices. It might be listed as 'Epson TM M30' or similar.

    • Tap on the printer’s name to start pairing.

  5. Confirm Connection:

    • Once the printer is connected, it should show as ‘Connected’ in your tablet’s Bluetooth settings.

  6. Configure in Turns POS:

    • Open the Turns POS app on your tablet.

    • Navigate to the 'Devices' section.

    • Click on the refresh icon under the 'Receipt Printer' section.

  7. Perform a Test Print:

    • Once the printer is connected in the Turns POS, do a test print to ensure it’s working correctly.

This setup allows you to wirelessly print receipts directly from your tablet, streamlining the checkout process for your business. It’s important to periodically check the connection and printer status to ensure uninterrupted service.

Note: Please make sure you allow all the permissions in the tablet.

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