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Setting Up and Testing a Scale with the Sunmi Device
Setting Up and Testing a Scale with the Sunmi Device

Setting up and testing a scale with the Sunmi device ensures accurate measurements and smooth workflow in operations.

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Know How to Set Up and Test a Scale with the Sunmi Device

Configuring your scale with the Sunmi device is a crucial process for ensuring accurate measurements in your operations. Here's a detailed guide to help you set it up and test its functionality:

  1. Position the Scale: Turn over the scale so you are looking at its bottom.

  2. Disconnect the Scale Adapter Cable: Carefully remove the scale adapter cable from the scale.

  3. Power Down the Scale: Remove the power cord from the scale adapter to turn off the scale. Ensure it's completely disconnected from any power source.

  4. Safely Store Adapter and Cables: Place the scale adapter, its cable, and the power supply in a secure location where they won't be damaged.

  5. Unplug Power Cable from Charger: Detach the power cable from the USB wall charger.

  6. Connect to Sunmi: Take the end of the cable and plug it into the USB port on the side of the Sunmi device.

  7. Power the Scale from Sunmi: The scale will now draw power from the Sunmi, automatically turning on.

  8. Complete Connections: Make sure all parts are properly connected and the setup is stable.

  9. Create a Test Order: To check the functionality, initiate a test order in your system.

  10. Test with an Item: Place an item on the scale to measure its weight.

  11. Start a New Service Order: In your system, begin processing a 'New Service Order'.

  12. Input Weight Manually: At the weight input screen, tap on the scale icon to input the item’s weight.

  13. Verify Accuracy: Compare the reading on the system with what is displayed on the scale to ensure they match.

By following these steps, you can effectively set up your scale with the Sunmi device and verify its functionality. This setup is essential for operations that require precise weight measurements, ensuring that your service orders are accurate and reliable. Regular testing and calibration of your scale might also be necessary for continued accuracy.

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