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Connect your Cash Register
Connect your Cash Register

Connecting your cash register ensures seamless transactions and accurate sales records.

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Know How to Connect Your Cash Register

Connecting a cash register with a Sunmi T2S device typically involves a few steps, focusing on hardware setup. Here's a general guide on how you might do it, though you should always refer to specific instructions provided by Sunmi or the cash register's manufacturer for the most accurate guidance.

Hardware Setup

  1. Identify Connectivity Options: Check both the Sunmi T2S and your cash register for available connectivity ports. Common options include USB, Ethernet, or Serial ports.

  2. Connect the Devices: Using the appropriate cable (USB, Ethernet, or Serial), connect the Sunmi T2S to your cash register. Ensure that the connection is secure.

  3. Power Setup: Make sure both devices are properly powered. Plug in any necessary power cables and turn on both the Sunmi T2S and the cash register.

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