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How can I set the Holidays for my Store?
How can I set the Holidays for my Store?

Setting holidays for your store is crucial for managing business hours effectively and informing customers of closures.

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Setting Holidays for the Store:

1. Accessing Turns Business Manager: Begin by logging in to the Turns Business Manager platform using your authorized credentials.

2. Navigating to Location Settings: Once logged in, proceed to Location Settings.

3. Accessing Holidays: Within Location Settings, select the "Holidays" option from the dropdown menu to access the holidays list page.

4. Adding a New Holiday: Click on the "+" icon to initiate the addition of a new holiday.

5. Completing Required Fields: In the Holiday dialogue box, fill out the necessary fields:

a. Stores: Select the store for which you are adding the holiday.

b. Holiday Name: Enter the name of the holiday.

c. Holiday Type: Choose the type of holiday, such as Datewise or Weekly.

d. Holiday for: Select applicable options from ticking the boxes, including point of sale, mobile app, and business manager.

6. Adjusting Status: Additionally, you can enable or disable the status of the holiday as needed.

7. Confirming and Finalizing: Click on "Create" to confirm and finalize the addition of the new holiday.

8. Verifying Addition: Once completed, review the updated list to ensure the newly created holiday is included.

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