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How Can I bulk Upload the Machines?
How Can I bulk Upload the Machines?

Bulk uploading machines saves time and ensures accurate inventory management in Business Manager.

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Uploading bulk machines at once:

  • Access Turns Business Manager: Log in to the Turns Business Manager using your authorized credentials.

  • Navigation: Navigate to Location settings in the main menu and then select the Machines option from the dropdown menu to access the Machines List.

  • Download Template: Click the "Download Template" button to access the predefined format of the list.

  • View Template in Excel: Open the downloaded template in Excel to review its structure. Arrange the list of machines following the provided format.

  • Save as CSV: Once the list is arranged, save the Excel sheet as a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file format.

  • Upload CSV File: Return to the Machines list and select "Upload CSV File." Choose the recently saved CSV file from your device and click on “Open”.

  • Updated Machine List: Upon successful upload, the list will be automatically updated to include the newly added bulk machines.

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