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Downloading Retail Product Wise Reports in Turns Business Manager
Downloading Retail Product Wise Reports in Turns Business Manager

Downloading retail product-wise reports in Turns Business Manager helps analyze sales trends and optimize inventory management.

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Downloading Product Reports in Turns Business Manager

The Turns Business Manager provides a robust analytics feature that allows you to generate and review reports to gain valuable insights into your business operations. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to generate, filter, review, and export reports in the Turns Business Manager.

  1. Login to Admin Panel: Start by accessing the Turns Business Manager and logging into the admin panel with your credentials.

  2. Access Reports: From the main dashboard or menu, navigate to the "Reports" section.

  3. Find the Retail product wise Report: Scroll through the reports or use any search/filter function to locate "Retail product wise reports."

  4. Set Parameters:

    • Date: Select the date range for which you want the report.

    • Store: From the available options, choose the specific store for which you want the report.

    • Product Selection: Use the dropdown menu to select the specific product or products you want to include in the report.

  5. Download Report: Once you've set all the parameters:

    • Look at the top right corner of the screen.

    • You should see several icons or options representing different file formats (e.g., PDF, CSV, Excel).

    • Click on your preferred format to initiate the download of the report.

  6. Save and View: Once downloaded, you can open the report in the corresponding software or viewer, depending on the format you chose. From there, you can save, print, or further analyze the report as needed.

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