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Where Can I do a Refund for the Customers?
Where Can I do a Refund for the Customers?

Processing refunds for customers ensures satisfaction and resolves transactions promptly.

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Creating Refund for Customer on POS:

  • Access Turns POS: Log in to the Turns POS using your authorized credentials.

  • Navigation: Navigate to the "Hamburger Menu" and select the "Payment List" option.

  • Selecting Customer for Refund: Identify and select the specific customer for whom you intend to process the refund.

  • Initiating Refund Action: Under the Action column, locate and click on the "+" icon.

  • Selecting Refund Option: Upon clicking the "+", two options will appear: "Details" and "Refund". Choose "Refund" to proceed.

  • Redirected to Refund Page: Upon selecting "Refund," you will be redirected to the Refund page.

  • Providing Refund Information: Enter the refund amount and specify the reason for the refund.

  • Finalizing the process: Click on "Refund" to finalize and complete the refund process.

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