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Does the Turns POS application have a function for returns or order cancellations?
Does the Turns POS application have a function for returns or order cancellations?

The Turns POS application includes functionalities for returns and order cancellations

Written by Support Turnsapp
Updated over a week ago

Customer returns and order cancellations are common scenarios in any retail or service-oriented business. While these can sometimes present challenges, having a system in place to handle such situations effectively is essential. As of the current update, however, the Turnsapp Point of Sale (POS) system does not have a dedicated feature for managing returns or order cancellations.

Order Management in Turnsapp POS:

While the Turnsapp POS system offers many features for efficient order management, it currently does not include a specific function to handle returns or order cancellations. This implies that businesses might need to develop their own standard operating procedures to manage such situations until such a feature is introduced.

That being said, the system's robust order tracking and management capabilities can help businesses keep a close eye on all transactions, which could assist in handling returns and cancellations effectively when they occur.

Future Updates:

Turnsapp is continually evolving, with frequent updates and new features being added based on user feedback and market demands. While there's no returns or cancellations feature at present, it's possible that such functionalities may be integrated into the system in the future.


Despite the absence of a dedicated returns and cancellation function, the Turnsapp POS system remains a versatile tool for businesses, offering numerous features to streamline operations and enhance customer service. We encourage users to keep an eye on future updates for added features and improvements.

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