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How to update an order?

Updating an order in real-time ensures accurate fulfillment and customer satisfaction in the POS system.

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Adjustments or modifications to orders are a common occurrence in any business. In the POS system, this process is quite straightforward. Follow these simple steps to edit an order effectively.

Step 1: Navigate to the Orders Hub

First, log into your POS system and navigate to the "Orders Hub." This is where all the orders are listed and managed.

Step 2: Select the Order to Update

Next, browse through the list of orders and select the one you wish to update. This might involve scrolling through several orders or using a search feature if available.

Step 3: Access Edit Order Function

After you have selected the appropriate order, look for the "Edit Order" button or option. This is usually located near the order details. Click on "Edit Order" to start making changes.

Step 4: Make Necessary Changes

You can now make the necessary changes to the order. This might include changing the quantity of an item, adding or removing items, updating customer information, or adjusting pricing details.

Step 5: Update the Order

Once all the necessary changes have been made, click on the "Update" button. This will save the changes made to the order and update the system accordingly.


Editing orders in the POS system is a straightforward process that allows you to adapt to changing customer needs or correct any errors in order entry. Always double-check the changes made before updating to ensure accuracy. And remember, it's important to communicate any significant changes to the customer to maintain transparency and customer satisfaction.

Note: You can update an order only when it is in To do or Processing Status

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