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Can I track customer information and order history with the Turnsapp POS system?
Can I track customer information and order history with the Turnsapp POS system?

Tracking customer information and order history enhances personalized service and improves customer relationship management.

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Turnsapp's Point of Sale (POS) system is designed not only to handle your transactions but also to help you keep track of your customers' information and their order history. This is crucial for managing customer relationships, offering personalized services, and for data analysis purposes.

Here's how you can track this information:

Tracking Customer Information:

  1. Open your Turns POS.

  2. Navigate to the "Three lines on top left".

  3. Click on "Customer Lists." Here, you'll find a list of all your customers.

  4. Click on a customer's name to view their detailed profile.

  5. In the customer's profile, click on "Overview." This section provides you with comprehensive information about the customer, including their contact details and preferences.

Tracking Order History:

  1. Still within a customer's profile, locate and click on "Order List."

  2. Here, you'll see a detailed history of the customer's orders.

  3. The "Sort" dropdown menu allows you to customize the list view based on your preferences. You can sort orders by few attributes.


The Turnsapp POS system provides a robust solution for managing customer information and tracking order history. This feature allows businesses to have a better understanding of their customers' behavior and preferences, which can lead to improved service delivery and increased customer satisfaction.

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