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How to create a quick order in your POS system via the Dashboard?
How to create a quick order in your POS system via the Dashboard?

Creating a quick order via the dashboard in your POS system ensures fast service and enhances customer satisfaction.

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  1. Open POS System:

    • Access your POS system by logging in with your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Dashboard:

    • Once logged in, locate and select the “Dashboard” from the main menu or home screen.

  3. Select Quick Order:

    • In the Dashboard, find and choose the option labeled “Quick Order.”

  4. Search for Customer Name or Add New:

    • In the Quick Order section, use the search bar to find a customer by name. If the customer is new, follow the prompts to add them to the system.

  5. Specify Order Details:

    • Choose the number of bags, the weight in pounds (lbs), and the quantity (qty) of the items for the order.

  6. Proceed with the Order:

    • After entering all details, proceed to finalize or confirm the order.

This guide will help you efficiently handle quick orders through your POS system, making the ordering process smooth and fast. If there are more specific features or steps you need help with, just let me know!

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