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Adjust the store timings
Adjust the store timings

Adjusting store timings ensures operational efficiency and meets customer demand effectively.

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To adjust the store timings for customers using the mobile booking platform or customer app in the Turns Business Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Access Business Manager: Log into your Turns Business Manager account.

  2. Navigate to Apps: Find and click on the 'Apps' section from the main dashboard.

  3. Go to App Settings: Within the Apps area, look for and select the 'App Settings' option.

  4. Adjust Store Timings:

    • Set Start Time: Choose the time when your store opens or service begins each day.

    • Set End Time: Specify the time your store closes or service ends each day.

    • Interval Slot: Determine and set the time intervals for customer appointments or bookings.

    • Pickup and Drop-off Days: Specify the number of days between pick-up and drop-off services, if applicable.

  5. Update Settings: Once you have confirmed that all the information is correct, click on the 'Update' button to apply the new timings.

By carefully updating these settings in the Turns Business Manager, you ensure that your customers have accurate information about your store's operating hours and service schedules on the mobile booking platform. This helps in managing customer expectations and streamlining appointment or service bookings.

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