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How to Add Tax to Retail Items?
How to Add Tax to Retail Items?

Adding tax to retail items ensures accurate pricing and compliance with tax regulations.

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Adding Tax to Retail Items:

1. Access Turns Business Manager: Begin by accessing the Turns Business Manager platform using your authorized credentials.

2. Navigation: Proceed to the "Products & Services" section and choose "Retail Inventory" from the dropdown menu to access the Inventory List.

3. Locating the Retail Item : Within the Inventory List, locate the specific retail item you intend to modify, displayed in the Action column on the right-hand side of the page.

4. Opening the Retail Item Dialogue Box: Click on the designated retail item to open the Retail Item Dialogue Box.

5. Finding the Tax Option: Scroll to the bottom of the dialogue box to find the tax option. Select it to reveal a list of available taxes.

6. Selecting the Appropriate Tax: From the list, choose the appropriate tax applicable to the service item.

7. Confirming the Selection: Confirm the selection by clicking on the "Update" option to apply the chosen tax to the retail item.

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