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How can I Delete the Orders?
How can I Delete the Orders?

Deleting orders ensures accurate record-keeping and operational clarity in business management.

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Deleting Orders:

  1. Accessing Turns Business Manager: Begin by logging in to the Turns Business Manager using your authorized credentials.

  2. Navigating to Orders: Access the Transactions Section from the main menu. Then select the Orders option from the dropdown menu to enter the Order List.

  3. Deleting an Order:

  • Locate the Target Order: Select the preferred Order which you want to delete.

  • Initiate Deletion: By scrolling to the extreme left, under the Action Column, select the “Delete Order” option.

  • Confirm Deletion and Provide Reason: Upon selecting "Delete Order," a dialog box will appear, prompting for final confirmation and a reason for the deletion.

  • Finalize Deletion:Click on “Proceed” to confirm and initiate the deletion process.

4. Confirmation of Deletion: Upon completion, confirm that the deleted order is no longer visible in the Order List.

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