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How Can I Create a Billing Group?
How Can I Create a Billing Group?

Creating a billing group in Business Manager streamlines invoicing and financial management for organized billing processes.

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Creating Billing Group:

  • Access Turns Business Manager: Log in to the Turns Business Manager using your authorized credentials.

  • Navigation: Navigate to Location Settings from the main menu and then select Billing Group option from the dropdown menu to access the respective page.

  • Initiate Billing Group Creation: Click on the "Create Billing Group" icon to start the process.

  • Access Create Billing Group Page: The Create Billing Group page will open, providing fields for input.

  • Fill in Required Information:

a. Name: Enter the name of the Billing Group.

b. Phone Number: Provide the contact phone number.

c. Address: Enter the address associated with the group.

d. Email ID: Enter the email address of the group.

e. Payment Due Terms: Specify the payment duration from predefined options such as 15 days, 25 days, 30 days, or customize as needed.

f. Select Store: Choose the relevant store from the dropdown menu.

g. Select Customer: Pick the customer from the dropdown for whom you are creating the billing group.

  • Finalize Creation: Click "Create" to confirm and complete the process.

  • Review Updated List: Once the creation is successful, the updated list will display the newly created billing group.

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