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How Can I assign Dryer?

Assigning dryers ensures efficient workflow management and timely order processing in laundry operations.

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Assigning Dryer in POS:

  • Access Turns POS: Log in to the Turns POS using your authorized credentials.

  • Navigation: Navigate to the "Orders Hub” from the bottom of the dashboard screen. This is where all the orders are listed and managed.

  • Assigning Dryer to Order: Choose the specific order for which you wish to assign a dryer.

  • Navigating to Order Details: On the Order Detail page, locate and click on the tab labeled “Assign Dryer”.

  • Selecting Dryer: Once on the Dryer page, choose the desired dryer from the available options and Click on “Start” to proceed.

  • Entering Preferences: In the Assign Dryer dialogue box, specify any necessary changes, such as the number of minutes of wash preferred.

  • Finalization: Click on “Done” to finalize the assignment process.

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