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How Can I Create a Delivery from Order details?
How Can I Create a Delivery from Order details?

Creating a delivery from order details ensures efficient order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

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Creating Delivery from Order details:

  • Access Turns POS: Log in to the Turns POS using your authorized credentials.

  • Navigation: Navigate to the "Orders Hub." This is where all the orders are listed and managed.

  • Selecting the Order: Navigate to the specific order for which you wish to create the delivery.

  • Accessing Delivery Creation Option: On the order detail page, locate and click on the "See More" tab positioned at the bottom.

  • Selecting "Create Delivery": Within the "See More" dialogue box, choose the "Create Delivery" option to proceed.

  • Choosing Delivery Service: Upon selecting "Create Delivery," you will be directed to another dialogue box to choose the preferred delivery service between Route and Doordash.

  • Completing Necessary Fields: Fill out essential details such as selecting the date from the calendar and specifying the timing for the delivery.

  • Payment Method Selection: Click on "Proceed" to choose the payment method for the delivery. Optionally, add any driver notes if required before proceeding further.

  • Confirmation and Review: After providing all necessary details, click on "Proceed" again to finalize the delivery request. Upon successful completion, your delivery request will be created, and you can review it on the Delivery List.

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