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How to Add an NOTE for specific ITEM in the POS?
How to Add an NOTE for specific ITEM in the POS?

Adding a note for a specific item in the POS enhances order customization and ensures accurate fulfillment of customer preferences.

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Adding an item note in the POS system can be highly beneficial when a customer has specific instructions or requests for a product or service. These notes ensure that customer needs are clearly communicated and met. This guide will walk you through the process of adding an item note in the POS system.

Step 1: Locate the Item

Start by finding the specific item in the POS system that the customer has special instructions for. Each item listed in the system should have a corresponding area where notes can be added.

Step 2: Locate the Item Note Section

Under each item listed, you should see a section labeled "Item Note." This is where you can input any special instructions or requests from the customer.

Step 3: Add Customer Instructions

Once you've located the Item Note section, you can begin to add the customer's special instructions. For example, if a customer requests a "hot water wash" for a laundry service, you can type this instruction into the Item Note section.

Ensure that the instructions are clear and concise, and avoid using any internal jargon that might confuse other staff members.

Step 4: Add to order

After you've entered the customer's instructions, make sure to add the order. This will attach the instructions to the item in the order, ensuring that the information is visible to anyone who views the order in the system.


Adding an item note in the POS system is an essential task for ensuring customer satisfaction. It allows you to capture and communicate specific customer requests, leading to a more personalized service. Always double-check the note for accuracy before saving to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

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