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How to add attributes in the item to differentiate it?
How to add attributes in the item to differentiate it?

Adding attributes to items allows for detailed product differentiation, enhancing customer choice and satisfaction in the POS system.

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To provide accurate and personalized service in a POS system, it's often necessary to include specific attributes for each item, such as color, pattern, brand, and any defects. Adding these details helps to distinguish items within an order, ensuring that each item is processed correctly. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add these attributes in the POS system.

Step 1: Locate the order

Begin by finding the specific item in the POS system to which you want to add attributes.

Step 2: Identify Attribute Fields

Under each item listed in the system, there should be fields where you can add different attributes like colors, patterns, brands, and defects.
​Step 3: Add Attributes

In the relevant fields, add the appropriate attributes. For example, if the item is a red, striped shirt from a specific brand, you can enter "red" in the color field, "striped" in the pattern field, and the brand's name in the brand field.

If there are any defects with the item, make sure to note them in the defects field. This can be particularly important when handling items that require repairs or special care.

Step 4: Add to order

After adding all the necessary attributes for the item, ensure to save the changes. This will attach the attribute details to the item in the system, making them visible to any staff member who accesses the order.


Adding item attributes in the POS system is a crucial step to ensure accurate and personalized service. It helps in distinguishing items within an order, leading to efficient order processing. Always ensure to double-check the attributes for accuracy before saving to avoid potential errors or confusion.

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