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Adding Customers in the Turns Business Manager
Adding Customers in the Turns Business Manager

Adding customers in Turns Business Manager enhances customer relationship management and facilitates personalized service delivery.

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Managing customer information is vital for providing personalized services and effective business operations. With the Turns Business Manager, adding customers to your database is a seamless process. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of adding customer details in the Turns Business Manager.

Adding Customers:

Step 1: Access the Turns Business Manager: Log in to the Turns Business Manager using your credentials.

Step 2: Go to the Customers Section: Navigate to the "Customers" section in the main menu.

Step 3: Access the Customer List: Click on "Customer List" to view the existing customer records.

Step 4: Add a New Customer: On the top right corner of the Customer List page, click on the " '+' plus icon" button or Add customer.

Step 5: Fill Out Customer Details: Provide the required information for the customer, including their name, address, contact number, and email ID. Additionally, specify the store they belong to.

Step 6: Additional Details: If applicable, indicate any tax requirements, discounts, or separate price lists for the customer (e.g., commercial or residential). Take note of their preferences and select relevant packages.

Step 7: Create the Customer: After entering all the necessary details, click on the "Create" button to add the new customer to the system.

Step 8: Successful Upload: The new customer details are now uploaded to the Turns Business Manager, and you can find them in the customer list.


Adding customers to the Turns Business Manager is a straightforward process that allows you to maintain accurate and organized customer records. By following these simple steps, you can easily input customer details, including their name, contact number, store affiliation, and any relevant information such as tax requirements or discounts. Utilize the customer management features in the Turns Business Manager to provide personalized services and optimize your business operations.

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