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Adding Tax in Turns Business Manager
Adding Tax in Turns Business Manager

Adding tax in Turns Business Manager ensures accurate pricing and compliance with financial regulations.

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  1. Access Business Manager: Begin by logging into the Turns Business Manager.

  2. Navigate to Location Settings: From the main dashboard, go to 'Location Settings'.

  3. Tax Settings: Within Location Settings, find and select 'Tax Settings'.

  4. Choose Tax Inclusion: Decide whether the tax should be included in the price or excluded.

  5. Initiate Tax Addition: Click on the plus icon (+) located at the top right corner to add a new tax.

  6. Tax Details Pop-up: A pop-up window will appear for entering tax details.

  7. Define Tax Information:

    • Name the Tax: Give a descriptive name to the tax for easy identification.

    • Set the Percentage: Specify the tax rate as a percentage.

    • Applicability: Choose where the tax applies - POS, online, or both.

    • Default Setting: Decide if this tax should be applied by default.

    • Status: Set the tax status to active or inactive as required.

  8. Create Tax Entry: After entering all the details, click 'Create' to finalize and implement the new tax setting.

By following these steps, you can effectively set up new tax rates in the Turns Business Manager, ensuring that your pricing remains compliant with tax regulations and clear to your customers. This process helps in maintaining accurate financial records and provides a transparent pricing structure for both POS and online sales.

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