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Add New Machine Entries in the Turns Business Manager
Add New Machine Entries in the Turns Business Manager

Adding new machine entries in Turns Business Manager ensures accurate tracking and management of equipment for efficient operations.

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Guide: How to Add New Machine Entries in Turns Business Manager

Managing and tracking the equipment in your business operations is vital for efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Turns Business Manager provides a structured approach to manage this aspect of your business by allowing you to create machine entries for devices such as washers and dryers. These entries help monitor usage and ensure that machines are assigned and maintained properly. Here’s how you can create machine entries in the Turns Business Manager:

  1. Access the Turns Business Manager: Start by logging in with your credentials to access the system.

  2. Go to Location Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Location Settings’ section found in the main menu.

  3. Machines Selection: In the Location Settings, look for and select the ‘Machines’ option.

  4. Initiate New Machine Creation: On the Machines page, you will find an option to add a new machine, typically denoted by a ‘+’ icon or a ‘Create Machine’ button. Click this to proceed.

  5. Store Location Assignment: You will be prompted to choose a store from a dropdown menu. Here, you’ll assign the new machine to its respective location.

  6. Name Your Machine: Give your machine a descriptive name, one that will make it easily identifiable to your team and clientele.

  7. Define Machine Type: Specify the type of machine you are entering into the system, whether it’s a washer or a dryer, to categorize it correctly.

  8. Cost Per Cycle: Enter the cost that customers will incur per cycle when using the machine. This is crucial for revenue tracking and customer billing.

  9. Set Dryer Cycle Time: If the machine is a dryer, you’ll need to provide the duration of a typical cycle, helping both customers plan their time and staff to manage scheduling.

  10. Save and Confirm: After all the details are inputted, ensure they are accurate and hit ‘Save’ to confirm the addition of the new machine to your business’s catalog.

By carefully adding each piece of equipment to the Turns Business Manager, you can maintain an accurate and easily accessible record of your business's operational assets. This allows for better scheduling, maintenance planning, and overall service to your customers, streamlining your operations and potentially increasing your business's throughput and customer turnover.

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