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How to Add Service Categories in the Turns Business Manager
How to Add Service Categories in the Turns Business Manager

Adding service categories in Turns Business Manager organizes offerings for easy navigation and efficient customer service.

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Service categories are pivotal for an organized display and efficient presentation of your business offerings. The Turns Business Manager provides a straightforward interface for this purpose, enhancing the service presentation on both your POS system and your website. Follow this step-by-step guide to add service categories to your Turns Business Manager with ease.

  1. Access the System: Log into your Turns Business Manager account with the correct credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Relevant Section: In the main menu, find and select the "Products and Services" section.

  3. Locate Service Category: Within the options presented, click on the "Categories" to proceed.

  4. Initiate Category Creation: At the top right corner of the service category page, click the "+" icon or the "New Entry" button to start defining a new category.

  5. Enter Category Details: A form will appear where you should:

    • Provide a clear, descriptive name for the category.

    • Decide on its visibility on the POS system and website.

    • Add a concise description for clarity.

  6. Review Your Information: Check all entered details for accuracy, making adjustments where necessary.

  7. Save Your New Category: Once you’re satisfied with the information, click "Create" to add the new service category to the system.

In Conclusion:

The addition of service categories is a significant step towards an orderly service structure that customers appreciate. Through the Turns Business Manager, you can not only add but also customize how these categories are displayed, enriching customer interaction and ensuring a user-friendly experience. By following the steps outlined above, you'll promote an organized, accessible, and visually appealing service catalog.

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