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Processing Payments at Customer Pickup
Processing Payments at Customer Pickup

Processing payments at customer pickup ensures seamless transactions and enhances customer convenience.

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To process payments during customer pickup using the Turns POS, here’s a clear step-by-step guide:

  1. Access Orders Hub: First, log into the Turns POS and navigate to the 'Orders Hub'.

  2. Identify the Order: In the Orders Hub, browse through the list to find the specific order you want to proceed with. You can use search or filter features to locate the order quickly.

  3. Initiate Payment Process: Once you've found the right order, click on the 'Pay and Complete' option. This action will start the payment process for that particular order.

  4. Select Payment Method: Choose the appropriate payment method preferred by the customer. This could be cash, credit/debit card, or any other available payment option.

  5. Proceed with Payment: After selecting the payment method, click on 'Proceed' to process the payment.

  6. Confirm Payment Completion: Once the payment is successfully processed, a 'Payment Complete' screen will typically appear. Click on 'Done' to finalize the transaction.

  7. Order Completion: Since you selected 'Pay and Complete', the order will now be marked as completed in the system post the payment.

This process is essential for ensuring a smooth transaction during customer pickup. It not only helps in maintaining accurate financial records but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing a quick and efficient checkout experience. Remember to double-check the order details and payment information before finalizing to avoid any errors.

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