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Pickup Request Flow: From Website till POS
Pickup Request Flow: From Website till POS

The pickup request flow from website to POS system ensures streamlined operations and customer satisfaction.

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Guide to Creating a Pickup Request Using the Mobile Booking Link:

This structured approach ensures a smooth and efficient process for creating a pickup request via the mobile booking link on the Laundromat’s website.

  1. Accessing the Website

    • Log in to the respective Laundromat’s website.

  2. Initiating the Pickup Request

    • Click on the "Let’s Start" button to begin the pickup request process.

  3. Selecting Items

    • Choose the items you wish to include in your order from the available options.

  4. Confirming Your Location

    • Verify and confirm the pickup location for your convenience.

  5. Choosing Care Preferences

    • Optionally, select any specific care preferences you may have for your items.

  6. Setting Pickup and Delivery Times

    • Specify the dates and times for both pickup and delivery of your order.

  7. Reviewing Your Order

    • Take a moment to review the details of your order to ensure accuracy.

  8. Creating an Account

    • Sign up using your phone number or email to proceed with the booking.

  9. Finalizing the Order

    • Confirm all details once again in the order details section before finalizing your request.

Guide to Converting Pickup Requests into Orders:

This systematic approach ensures efficient handling of pickup requests, seamlessly converting them into actionable orders within the Turns POS system.

  1. Logging into Turns POS

    • Access Turns POS using your authorized credentials to proceed.

  2. Navigating to Pickup/Delivery Requests

    • From the dashboard, locate and click on "Pickup/Delivery Requests" to view pending pickup requests from your customers.

  3. Finding the Specific Pickup Request

    • Identify the particular pickup request that you intend to convert into an order.

  4. Converting to Order

    • Within the pickup request details, locate and click on the "Convert to Order" button. This action automatically generates a new order in your system based on the pickup request information.

  5. Entering Order Details

    • You will be directed to the order creation page where you can add additional specifics such as the number of laundry bags received, specific services requested, and any other pertinent details.

  6. Reviewing and Confirming

    • Review all entered details thoroughly. Once satisfied, confirm the order to initiate processing.

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