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Setting Language Preferences for Employees in Business Manager
Setting Language Preferences for Employees in Business Manager

Setting language preferences for employees in Business Manager ensures clear communication and enhances user experience.

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Customizing language settings for individual employees in the Business Manager can enhance their user experience and efficiency. Here’s how to set this up:

Access Business Manager:

Log into the Business Manager using your credentials.

Navigate to the Employees Section:

In the main menu, select the ‘Employees’ option.

Locate Employee to Edit:

Browse through the list of employees. For the employee whose language settings you wish to change, scroll to the right to find their details.

Initiate Edit Mode:

Click on the edit icon (resembling a pen) next to the respective employee’s information.

Change Language Settings:

In the 'Other details' section, look for the ‘Language on POS’ option.

Click on the dropdown menu under ‘Language on POS’ and select the preferred language for that employee.

Save the Changes:

After selecting the desired language, click on ‘Update’ to save the new settings.

This change will update the language settings specifically for the selected employee, making their interactions with the POS system more intuitive and tailored to their language preferences. Such customization can significantly improve user experience and operational efficiency.

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