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Setting Retail Order Discount Permissions for Employees
Setting Retail Order Discount Permissions for Employees

Setting retail order discount permissions for employees ensures controlled pricing management and enhances customer satisfaction.

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Granting or restricting retail order discount permissions for individual employees in your Business Manager is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log Into Business Manager:

    • Access your Business Manager account by entering your login credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Employees Section:

    • Once in the dashboard, head to the 'Employees' section.

  3. Choose the Employee to Edit:

    • Scroll through the list to find the employee you wish to set discount permissions for. Then, scroll right to view their full details.

  4. Initiate Editing:

    • Click on the edit icon (which looks like a pen) next to the employee’s information.

  5. Adjust Discount Settings:

    • In the 'Other details' section, locate the 'Allow Retail Order Discount' option.

    • Click on the dropdown menu and select 'Yes' to permit the employee to give retail order discounts, or 'No' to restrict them from doing so.

  6. Save the Changes:

    • Once you’ve made the selection, click on 'Update' to save your settings.

By carefully managing who has the authority to apply discounts, you maintain better control over your retail pricing strategy and ensure that discounts are given consistently and according to your business policies.

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