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How can I Add Expense Type?
How can I Add Expense Type?

Adding expense types categorizes expenditures for accurate financial reporting and budget management.

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Adding Expense Type:

1. Accessing Turns Business Manager: Begin by logging in to the Turns Business Manager using your authorized credentials.

2. Navigating to Location Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the Location Settings section.

3. Accessing Expense: Within Location Settings, select "Expense" from the dropdown menu to access the records of Expense types.

4. Adding a New Expense Type: Click on the "Add New Expense Type" option, typically denoted by a "+" icon, to initiate the process of adding a new Expense Type.

5. Completing Required Fields: In the New Expense Type dialogue box, fill out the necessary fields to define the new Expense Type:

  • Expense Type: Specify the type of Expense you wish to add to the list.

  • Description: Provide a brief description or additional details about the Expense being added.

6. Confirming and Finalizing the Addition: After completing the required fields, click on the "Create" button to confirm and finalize the addition of the new Expense Type.

7. Verifying the Addition: Once the process is complete, the newly added Expense Type will be visible in the list of Expense types, confirming its successful addition.

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