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How Can I Change the Driver for Route Service in Business Manager?
How Can I Change the Driver for Route Service in Business Manager?

Changing the driver for route service in Business Manager ensures efficient logistics management and timely order deliveries.

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Changing Driver for Route Service in Business Manager:

  • Access Turns Business Manager: Log in to the Turns Business Manager using your authorized credentials.

  • Navigation: Navigate to Routes from the main menu and then select Live Route option from the dropdown menu to access the respective page.

  • Select Desired Route: Choose the specific route for which you want to change the driver.

  • Access Options Menu: Click on the three dots located at the top-right corner of the selected route box. Upon clicking the options menu, a dropdown will appear. Select "Change Driver" from the list.

  • Assigning a New Driver: In the "Change Driver" dialogue box, provide the necessary details:

a.Change Driver: Enter the name of the new driver you want to assign to the route

  • Finalize the Assignment: Click on "Assign Driver" to confirm and complete the process.

  • Verify Update: After assigning the new driver, you will observe the updated driver information on the selected route.

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