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How Can I add a new Service in Business Manager?
How Can I add a new Service in Business Manager?

Adding a new service in Business Manager expands service offerings and meets diverse customer needs effectively.

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Adding a new Service in Business Manager:

  • Access Turns Business Manager: Log in to the Turns Business Manager using your authorized credentials.

  • Navigation: Navigate to Products and Services from the main menu and then select Services option from the dropdown menu to access the respective page.

  • Access New Service Creation: Click on the "+" sign to initiate the creation of a new service.

  • Fill Out Service Details: In the "New Service" dialogue box, provide the following information:

    • Service Name: Enter the name of the service.

    • Show/Hide: Choose whether to show or hide the service.

    • Show/Hide on Website: Select whether the service should be visible on the website.

    • Priority: Assign a numerical value to set the priority.

    • Department: Choose the relevant department for the service from the available options.

    • Upload Image: Optionally, upload an image for the service.

  • Finalize Service Creation: Once all necessary details are entered, click on "Create" to finalize the process.

  • Review Updated Service List: After creating the service, you will observe the updated list displaying the newly added service.

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