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How to add employees in business manager?
How to add employees in business manager?

Adding employees in Business Manager ensures proper staffing and facilitates task delegation for efficient operations.

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For effective workforce management in the Turns Business Manager, it's essential to integrate your team by adding employee details. Here's a concise guide on how to do that:

Steps to Add Employees:

1. Log In: Access the Turns Business Manager with your credentials.

2. Navigate to Employee Section: From the main menu, click on "Employee".

3. Initiate Adding: Click on the "Add Employee" button or the plus icon located at the top right.

4. Input Employee Details: Enter essential information such as name, email, phone number, password, member group, PIN, and designation. If relevant, specify their driver status and login permissions.

5. Provide Address: Enter the employee's address if necessary.

6. Confirm Addition: Once all details are in, click "Create".

7. Verify: Your new employee will now be listed under the employee section.

In Conclusion:

Using the Turns Business Manager to add employees is seamless. With these clear steps, ensure your team is well-integrated, organized, and ready for tasks ahead.

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