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How to create Daily Tasks from the Turns Admin/ Business Manager?
How to create Daily Tasks from the Turns Admin/ Business Manager?

Creating daily tasks in the Turns POS system ensures organized operations and efficient task management for staff.

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Creating daily tasks within the Turns Business Manager is a great way to keep your team organized and ensure that important duties are completed promptly. Here is a succinct guide to help you set up daily tasks effectively:

  1. Log into Business Manager: Start by signing in to your account on the Turns Business Manager.

  2. Navigate to Services: Once inside the Business Manager, look for the "Location Settings" section and click on it.

  3. Access Daily Task Section: Inside Services, you’ll find the "Daily Task" option. Select it to proceed.

  4. Initiate a New Task: In the Daily Task area, you will see an option for "New Entry." Click this to begin creating a task.

  5. Fill in Task Details:

    • Task Name: Assign a clear and direct name to the task.

    • Select Stores: Pick which store locations this task pertains to.

    • Select Employees: Assign the task to specific employees by choosing from a list.

    • Timing: Set the expected start and end times.

    • Days: Mark the days on which this task should recur.

    • Description: Provide any additional instructions or important information the employee needs.

  6. Save the Task: Once all details are filled in, hit the "Save" button to finalize the task creation.

By following these steps, you can leverage the Turns POS System to manage your business’s daily operations better, ensuring that your staff knows their responsibilities and when they need to complete them.

Note: Please ensure that the daily tasks are created a day prior.

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