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Assigning Service Order Item Discount Permissions to Employees
Assigning Service Order Item Discount Permissions to Employees

Assigning service order item discount permissions to employees ensures controlled pricing flexibility and customer satisfaction management.

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For managing discount permissions on individual service order items for your employees in the Business Manager, here's what you need to do:

  1. Access Business Manager:

    • Sign into your Business Manager account.

  2. Go to Employees Section:

    • From the dashboard, navigate to the 'Employees' section.

  3. Select Employee for Mapping:

    • Scroll to find the employee for whom you want to set discount permissions. Then, scroll to the right to access their details.

  4. Enter Edit Mode:

    • Click on the edit icon (pen symbol) next to the employee's information.

  5. Set Discount Permissions:

    • In the 'Other details' section, find 'Allow Service Order Item Discount'.

    • Use the dropdown menu to select 'Yes' (to enable them to give item discounts) or 'No' (to prevent them from giving such discounts).

  6. Update Settings:

    • After making your selection, click 'Update' to save these new settings.

This action ensures that each employee has the appropriate permissions regarding service order item discounts, aligning with your business policies and operational controls. Managing these permissions effectively can help in maintaining consistent pricing strategies and preventing unauthorized discounts.

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