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Employee Application (POS)
Employee Application (POS)

Discover tips, best practices, and guides on using the Turns Employee Application (POS). Maximize sales and improve service with expert insights and strategies.

Installing Turns POS App on Your Android Phone: Quick GuideInstalling Turns POS app on your Android phone enables efficient sales management on-the-go.
How to add inventory from the POS?Adding inventory from the POS ensures real-time updates and accurate stock management.
How to add inventory's stock from the POS?To efficiently manage stock levels and update inventory, use the POS system to add new items or adjust existing stock quantities.
How to check my daily tasks in POS?To ensure smooth operations and task management, monitor daily tasks directly within the POS system.
How to make retail order in the POS?Making retail orders in POS ensures efficient transactions and customer satisfaction through streamlined sales processes.
How to open a cash drawer, in case of returning any changes or any scenario?Opening a cash drawer for returns ensures accurate transaction handling and customer service efficiency.
How to kick start the Turns POS in your device?Step-by-step guide on how to install and set it up on your device.
How can I switch user in my POS?Switching users in your POS allows for secure and efficient employee management during shifts.
Navigating the Hamburger Menu in POS SystemNavigating the hamburger menu in a POS system allows quick access to essential features and enhances user efficiency.
What should I do if I forget my password for the POS system?
Can I use the Employee (POS) application on multiple devices at the same time?Enabling multiple device usage for the Employee (POS) application enhances flexibility and operational efficiency.
Does the Turns POS application have a function for returns or order cancellations?The Turns POS application includes functionalities for returns and order cancellations
How to convert pickup requests to orders in the POS?Converting pickup requests to orders in the POS streamlines operations and ensures efficient handling of customer service requests.
Can I track customer information and order history with the Turnsapp POS system?Tracking customer information and order history enhances personalized service and improves customer relationship management.
How can I troubleshoot issues with the POS system?Troubleshooting POS system issues ensures smooth operations and customer satisfaction
How to apply discounts, charges, or promos to an order in the POS?Applying discounts, charges, or promos enhances customer satisfaction and facilitates accurate pricing adjustments during checkout.
How to update an order?Updating an order in real-time ensures accurate fulfillment and customer satisfaction in the POS system.
How to Include Upcharges in the POS?Including upcharges in the POS ensures accurate pricing adjustments for additional services or customizations.
How to add attributes in the item to differentiate it?Adding attributes to items allows for detailed product differentiation, enhancing customer choice and satisfaction in the POS system.
How to Add an NOTE for specific ITEM in the POS?Adding a note for a specific item in the POS enhances order customization and ensures accurate fulfillment of customer preferences.
How to Add a Custom Item to an Order in the POS System?Adding a custom item to an order in the POS system allows for flexibility in customer orders and enhances service customization.
How to Create a New Order in the POS?Creating a new order in the POS ensures seamless customer transactions and accurate order processing.
How to Clock In and Out of the System in POS?To track working hours accurately, use the Clock In and Out feature within the POS system.
Processing Payments at Customer PickupProcessing payments at customer pickup ensures seamless transactions and enhances customer convenience.
Changing POS System Language to SpanishChanging the POS system language to Spanish accommodates Spanish-speaking customers and enhances accessibility.
How to create a pickup request from POS?Creating a pickup request from POS streamlines service requests and enhances operational efficiency for customer convenience.
Adding Payment Notes in the POS System: Quick GuideAdding payment notes in the POS system enhances transaction transparency and record-keeping accuracy.
How to create a quick order in your POS system via the Dashboard?Creating a quick order via the dashboard in your POS system ensures fast service and enhances customer satisfaction.
Step-by-step guide to enable WhatsApp notifications for customer orders in your POS system:Enabling WhatsApp notifications for customer orders in your POS system enhances real-time communication and customer service efficiency.
How Can I Update the Customer details after it has been created in POS?Updating customer details in POS ensures accurate records and personalized service for improved customer relationships.
How Can I add Wallet balance for a Customer in POS?Adding wallet balance for a customer in POS enhances convenience and promotes repeat business.
How Can I edit the Hanger for the order after it has been created?Editing the hanger for an order post-creation ensures accurate processing and customer satisfaction in garment handling.
How Can I edit the rack/conveyor for the order after it has been created?Editing the rack for an order post-creation ensures efficient workflow management and timely order processing in industrial operations.
How Can I edit bags of the Order after it has been created?Editing bags for an order post-creation ensures accurate sorting and delivery efficiency in logistics operations.
How Can I view the Retail List?Viewing the retail list ensures accurate inventory management and availability for customer selection.
How Can I Clock out from POS?Clocking out from POS ensures accurate time tracking and effective employee management.
How Can I check the retail stock in POS?Checking retail stock in POS ensures availability for customer satisfaction and inventory management.
How to Create a Delivery Request in POS?Creating a delivery request in POS ensures timely order fulfillment and customer satisfaction with efficient logistics management.
Guide on adding New Customer in POS.Adding a new customer in POS ensures personalized service and accurate transaction records for customer relationship management.
Where Can I check the Reports of the Orders in POS?Checking reports of orders in POS ensures insight into sales performance and operational efficiency for informed decision-making.
Where Can I check the notifications in POS?Checking notifications in POS ensures timely updates on orders and operational alerts for efficient management.
How Can I change the status of New Order into processing?Changing the status of a new order to "processing" ensures timely fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
How Can I see the Order Timeline in POS?Viewing the order timeline in POS ensures transparency and efficient order tracking for improved customer service.
How Can I Edit the due date for my Order in POS?Editing the due date for orders in POS ensures flexibility and meets customer expectations efficiently.
How Can I assign Dryer?Assigning dryers ensures efficient workflow management and timely order processing in laundry operations.
How Can I assign Washer?Assigning washers ensures efficient laundry processing and timely completion of orders.
How Can I check the Order Status in POS?Checking the order status in POS ensures timely updates and efficient customer service.
Where Can I do a Partial Refund?Doing a partial refund ensures customer satisfaction and resolves payment discrepancies efficiently.
Where Can I do a Refund for the Customers?Processing refunds for customers ensures satisfaction and resolves transactions promptly.
Where Can I Update my Customer Preferences?Updating customer preferences enhances personalization and satisfaction in service delivery.
How can I view Pickup Requests?Viewing pickup requests ensures timely service scheduling and customer satisfaction.
How Can I Create a Delivery from Order details?Creating a delivery from order details ensures efficient order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
How to print the invoice in POS?Printing invoices in POS ensures accurate records and customer transaction documentation.
How Can I get the Notification Pop-up after each step that needs to be done in POS?Receiving notification pop-ups for each step in POS ensures clear task management and enhances operational efficiency.
How Can I Add Card When doing Payments for an Order in POS?Adding a card when making payments for an order in POS is crucial for seamless transactions and customer convenience.
Pickup Request Flow: From Website till POSThe pickup request flow from website to POS system ensures streamlined operations and customer satisfaction.
How Can I charge the customers who have paid for the laundry package?